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Dallas Cowboys Hoodie
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Jason Garrett: David Irving not at The Star today Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt , plus long discussion on Dak Prescott’s accuracy Jason Garrett took his turn in front of the media on Wednesday as the Cowboys begin preparations for a tough home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s what coach had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).David Irving is not at The Star on WednesdayThe Cowboys anticipate Irving being back with the Cowboys on Thursday. Jason Garrett said that physically Irving is ready to play, but also acknowledged that he wasn’t at The Star on Tuesday. When asked why he said that it appeared to be the same issue that’s been keeping him away since he’s been reinstated. When pressed on whether he would definitely be there on Thursday, Garrett simply noted that it was the information that he had been told.Brett Maher has done an excellent jobOne of the better decisions that the Cowboys made this season was to go with Brett Maher at kicker. Jason Garrett gave praise to the 28-year old rookie noting that he’s come through for the Cowboys.Troy Aikman made some comments about accuracy among quarterbacksTroy Aikman recently made some comments about accuracy and how it relates to Dak Prescott, the emphasis of them was that people either have accuracy or that they don’t. Garrett said that he believes you certainly are born with talent in different regards but that he believes a lot of things can be refined through practice.Garrett was complimentary of Aikman of the two throughout his answer even telling a story about their playing days together when they went to Jay Novacek’s football camp. He related the story of how little Jimmy wasn't throwing the ball at the camp how they wanted him to, so Garrett asked Aikman what they should do about it. Aikman said they should move him to wide receiver (laughter).More accuracy questions about DakJason Garrett was asked specifically about Dak Prescott’s accuracy to which he responded that, “When he’s in a really good position he can be a very accurate passer.” He also noted that the best QB’s can stay in position with their eyes down field in a busy environment, and that veterans are usually better at it than young QB’s. Said they need to continue to work with Dak on that. He said QBs can move around and climb the pocket in subtle ways. Growing as a quarterback is a necessary thingThere are obviously a lot of questions about Dak Prescott and his accuracy, and Jason Garrett did his best to talk around them. He cited Tom Brady as an example as somebody who’s obviously grown to a great degree (the best ever), but that younger players don’t have that level of experience quite yet. Younger QBs tend to look more harried in the pocket because they might not know the best reads or progressions based on a defense or because they are bothered by heavy traffic in the pocket. He noted you are always working on getting the ball out quicker. The key word is developmentAnticipation on throws is something people have discussed when it comes to Dak, and Garrett continued to hammer home that all things can be developed. It cones down to trust and cutting the ball loose. He thought more time on task with the receivers will always help that. Cowboys loved Jalen Ramsey coming out of Florida StateThe 2016 Draft feels like just yesterday in some respects, and Dallas obviously chose Ezekiel Elliott over Jalen Ramsey. When asked about the All-Pro cornerback Jason Garrett noted that Ramsey jumped off of the tape and that it was apparent how confident he was way back then.An update on injuriesIt’s Week 6 and that means there are some injury situations. In terms of Wednesday’s practice:Chidobe Awuzie, hopeful he can practice todaySean Lee, not expected to practiceMaliek Collins, hopeful he can practice todayTaco Charlton is expected to practiceHow does Jason Garrett define a No. 1 receiver?There’s been a lot of discussion about number one receivers lately. Here’s how Jason Garrett defines it.“It seems to be a term that people have used in recent years for the guy who was the marquee guy when an offensive team breaks the huddle and they give him extra attention, special attention. Difference-making guy who can beat you in a lot of different ways.”Have the Cowboys had that recently?In Jason Garrett’s words, “Absolutely. we’ve had some big-time receivers.”Randy Gregory is getting better and betterAsked if Houston was Randy Gregory’s best game since returning Jason Garrett only noted that Randy is getting “better and better.” Obviously Randy still has a long way to go, but he earned praise from the head coach.How do you keep things optimisticIt can certainly be difficult to stay optimistic and fired up when your offense isn’t performing, and that’s where the Cowboys find themselves these days. Asked how he keeps the Cowboys motivated and away from getting down on themselves Garrett reached for a classic line of his saying that, “you just keep banging away.”Cowboys liked Darian Thompson at the Senior BowlDallas likes their new safety and has for quite some time.Jourdan Lewis did a great job on SundayWhen you recover a fumble in a big-time game you get noticed. Jourdan Lewis had seemed to have fallen out of favor with the Cowboys coaching staff, but he played very well in Houston. Jason Garrett confirmed that.Patience doesn’t seem to be an issue with David IrvingIt would be understandable for a coaching staff’s patience to wear thin with a situation like David Irving’s. It’s obviously very difficult to prepare a game plan and not know if he’s going to be there. Irving has some personal issues he’s working towards and obviously everyone wishes him the best with them Dallas Cowboys Hats , but the Cowboys are trying to get their own work done.Asked if patience can wear thin with a situation like that Garrett responded quite calmly that, “Sometimes guys have issues that they have to deal with.” It seems the Cowboys are willing to wait, but they do have a break point. Garrett noted that during the week there comes a time (he didn’t specify when) where the team ultimately decides that because he hasn’t fulfilled certain requirements (like practicing, etc.) he won’t play in the game.Grading the Cowboys’ 26 - 24 win over the Lions What a difference seven days makes! This time last week it was all doom and gloom following the Cowboys’ dismal showing on the road against Seattle. Today the Cowboys sit at 2-2 and the performance on the field Sunday looked a lot more like what fans were hoping to see going into the 2018 season. If 2-2 doesn’t excite you much, consider the plight of the following teamsPffthiladelphia Eagles: 2-2Minnesota Vikings: 1-2-1Detroit Lions: 1-3Atlanta Falcons: 1-3Pittsburgh Steelers: 1-2-1Los Angeles Chargers: 2-2All of those were teams expected to do better heading into the season. Also, consider that September is largely an extension of the preseason with teams rounding into form. All things considered, the Cowboys are in reasonably good shape with all the team’s original goals still within grasp. Let’s go to the grades. OVERALL: B+The key objective was to simply win the game and that objective was met. More specifically, the offense desperately needed to break out of the stranglehold of anemic performances that had become the norm. Mission accomplished:26 points414 yards183 rushing yards6.4 yards per play231 passing yards119 passer ratingAll of the above numbers represent season highs. The offense finally broke out and executed the scheme devised over the offseason with a heavy dose of Ezekiel Elliott and timely contributions from Dak Prescott. COACHING: BHey, if we’re going to place all the blame on the coaches when things go wrong let’s give them credit when things go right. Dallas was sloppy and unprepared against the Seahawks. Sunday, they were crisp and prepared against the Lions. One (non)play really stood out in this regard. Late in the third quarter the Cowboys faced a 3rd-and-10 from the Lions 12-yard line while nursing a 13-10 lead. Prescott found an open Cole Beasley in the middle of the field for a nine-yard gain setting up a 4th-and-1 from the Lions’ three-yard line. The Cowboys immediately rushed to the line of scrimmage and set up for a fourth down play. Now, the play didn’t come to fruition because the Lions called time out. But the execution showed the team was fully prepared and ready to immediately engage and go for it on what was, at that time, the most important play of the game. It forced a Lions’ time out and the team the lined up and executed the fourth down anyway. This showed not only that Garrett and company had the team prepared for the situation but also that they were going to meet it aggressively and without doubt. This is a small thing but how many times have you seen quarterbacks looking to the sidelines wondering what to do or looking for guidance? None of that happened in this instance; the players had been coached up for this exact situation and knew exactly what to do. That’s a sign of good coaching. QUARTERBACK: ADak Prescott’s fall from rookie wonder-boy to third-year pin-cushion has been hard to watch. He desperately needed to put a good performance on the field and he did so. The final numbers, again, were not huge in terms of volume but were very efficient. And efficient is what https://www.dallascowboysteamonline.com/leighton-vander-esch-jersey this team needs from Prescott. The following charts show Prescott’s numbers since the Kansas City game last year when his performance declined:Clearly, two games stand out far above the others: the New York Giants game last year in week 15 and the game yesterday. So, we know Prescott can be the effective quarterback he was against Detroit. The question is whether, like the Giants game, this was an aberration or a sign of Prescott getting back to the quarterback we saw for the first 24 games of his career. RUNNING BACK: A+You simply can’t ask more from a running back than what Ezekiel Elliot gave the Cowboys yesterday. He ran 25 times and ran hard on every one of the plays. He was gouging the Lions defense from the beginning and stayed at it throughout the game. After another slow start to the season Elliot now has 426 rushing yards on the season and is averaging a very healthy 5.7 yards per attempt. Yet it was two plays in the passing game that people will remember from this game. First, on a play that has yielded similar results in the past against Pittsburgh and San Francisco Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , Elliott took a well-executed screen pass 38 yards for a much needed touchdown with the Cowboys trailing in the first half. The play is one the Cowboys excel at as it not only allows Elliott to show off his skills, but also showcases the athleticism of the Cowboys’ offensive line. Particularly impressive was watching backup center Joe Looney making multiple blocks on a forty-yard path of destruction from the line of scrimmage all the way to the end zone. An absolutely brilliant play that was executed to perfection. Second, of course, was Elliott’s clutch catch to fuel the Cowboys’ final game-winning drive. The play featured Elliott lined up in the slot and matched up one-on-one against a linebacker. This is good scheming and the Cowboys’ took advantage as a perfect Prescott pass and terrific Elliott grab set the team up for victory. OFFENSIVE LINE: AAfter a fairly dismal performance last week, and a disconcerting performance over the first three weeks of the season, the Cowboys’ offensive line finally looked like the unit we expected going into the season. In addition to gouging holes in the Lions’ defense throughout the game for Elliott to run through, the team also provided solid pass protection. Prescott had time to do what he does, and one of the of two sacks on the day was pretty much on him. Perhaps more importantly, there were zero penalties. No holding calls, no false starts, no hands to the face....zilch, nada, zero. All in all it was easily the groups best performance of the season and gives fans hopes that this unit can again become the elite unit we’ve become accustomed to watching. TIGHT ENDS: BExpectations have to be tempered for this group considering the pedigree of the four. And there’s nothing eye-popping about the numbers: three catches on six targets for 39 yards and a touchdown. But the reality is that anything the team gets from this group is pretty much gravy. Geoff Swaim contributed two huge plays: a 31-yard catch-and-run in the first quarter when the Cowboys desperately needed anyone to make a play on offense and a well-designed, easy touchdown catch in the third quarter following the successful fourth-down attempt near the Lions’ goal line. But perhaps the biggest play made by any tight end this season was Blake Jarwin’s alert recovery of Elliott’s goal-line fumble. Jarwin has been virtually invisible and many are wondering what the coaching staff sees in him. Those wonders won’t go away due to a fumble recovery but it’s nice for Jarwin to finally contribute something positive. WIDE RECEIVERS: B-A wide receiver group combining to catch nine passes for 128 yards and no touchdowns normally isn’t something to get excited about. However, the production from this group has been so anemic that virtually anything warrants excitement. Michael Gallup’s outstanding 45-yard catch in the first quarter set the tone for a much more aggressive offense than we’ve witnessed prior to Sunday’s game. Cole Beasley again came up with a number of key catches. But Tavon Austin dropped a touchdown pass and Gallup failed to take advantage of a couple opportunities. Baby steps here; this group has to provide more moving forward. DEFENSIVE LINE: COn the one hand Demarcus Lawrence has proven that 2017 was no fluke. He notched three sacks on the day, giving him five-and-half on the season and 20 in his last 20 games played. He also added eight tackles and looks very much like the All Pro he was last year. Beyond that, however, the defensive line struggled. No one else was able to get pressure on Lions’ quarterback Matt Stafford who threw for 307 yards and two long touchdowns. In addition, the Lions ran for 96 yards. Taco Charlton. Randy Gregory, Dorance Armstrong Youth Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , Antauwn Woods and Daniel Ross combined for seven tackles, zero sacks, two tackles for loss and zero quarterback hits. Tyrone Crawford, who’sbeen the best defensive lineman not named Lawrence didn’t make the stat sheet in any way. In short, an almost complete whiff from every lineman other than Lawrence. This is very disturbing. The defensive line was supposed to be a major strength of this team but it’s beginning to look like fool’s gold. Randy Gregory, in particular, has been a major disappointment. He was expected to combine with Lawrence to provide a devastating 1-2 pass rush threat that we haven’t seen in years. Instead, despite all the scouting accolades for his “bend” and “lean” and “athleticism” it’s been almost impossible to notice that Gregory is even on the field. He has more penalties on the season than combined tackles and sacks and that’s not very good. LINEBACKERS: BNormally, the absence of Sean Lee has meant a complete breakdown in the Cowboys’ defense. But that hasn’t been true in 2018 due to the presence of Leighton Vander Esch. LVE combined with Jaylon Smith and Damien Wilson to record 12 solo tackles and 17 total tackles. Smith again looked good rushing the passer, collapsing the pocket and giving Lawrence the opportunity to record one of his three sacks. LVE also showed a couple times the athleticism that should allow him to thrive in the league for years to come. Smith still gets caught up in the wash too many times and takes some less-that-ideal angles. But we’re not seeing the plays where opponents isolate him against a back and strike for big plays. Yes, the defense gave up too much Sunday but it wasn’t because of the linebacker play. SECONDARY: DPoor Chidobie Awuzie. He covered his assignment very well Sunday. However, Golden Tate and the other Lions’ receivers made catch after catch on Awuzie throughout the day. Many were “wow” plays where you just tip your hat to the opponent because they completed impossible to defend plays. If Awuzie continues to provide the glue-like coverage he did Sunday he’ll be an outstanding corner in the NFL.The one area he needs to improve is ball awareness. If he can make that jump to where he’s competing with the receiver while also playing suffocating coverage he’ll be among the best in the league. As for the rest of the group....it was a horrible day all around:Anthony Brown surrendered a ridiculous, long touchdown where he seemed more concerned with the quarterback than his assigned receiver. He allowed a couple other throws as well where he provided too much of a cushion. Jourdan Lewis graphically displayed why he has been demoted, looking foolish on another long touchdown pass. His descent from (arguably) the best cornerback on the team last year to borderline roster spot continues. Jeff Heath had a horrific game reminiscent of his early years in the league. Golden Tate made him look foolish with the simplest of head fakes to complete his first touchdown pass. Heath then whiffed on a number of tackles and was out of position on several plays. His bad day was finished by getting run over by Lions’ running back Kerryon Johnson on an 8-yard touchdown that brought back memories of Adrian Peterson doing the same thing to Heath many years ago.The secondary looked no better than the porous, helpless unit that has been used and abused by quality passing attacks for years. If any negatives came out of this game it was the all-around poor play of the secondary. This Dallas defense has been vulnerable to potent passing attacks for years and nothing they showed Sunday indicates anything has really changed. Nevertheless, this was a much-needed win and we should focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative, at least for one week.
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