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Sunday’s performance was quite the spectacle from the Lions offense
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Everyone from Kenny Golladay to Golden Tate to Michael Roberts had their highlights. To top it off Ricky Wagner Jersey , the Lions ran the ball the best they have in almost 30 years. Even the offensive line put on a show, as Miami media members noticed:Lost in all the fireworks from the offense was some solid defensive play. Not everything was pretty: there were missed assignments, some poor tackling angles, and plays where the coverage was a step behind. For every one of those, however, it seemed like there was an equal and opposite good play, which brings us to our unsung hero of the week.Unsung hero of the week: DL Ricky Jean FrancoisFor this week’s winner, unsung may not be the right word—RJF made a lot of noise in the Dolphins’ backfield on Sunday. He gets this week’s award http://www.lionscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-christian-jones-jersey , however, for two reasons. The first is because of the massive amount of attention on the offense and the stellar performance of Kerryon Johnson. The second is that while RJF had an outstanding day, he did it in a way in which he wasn’t expected to do. Francois is a big bodied man, your typical run-stuffing nose tackle. His two vicious sacks were a pleasant surprise. Most defensive lineman of his build will have five or six sacks in a good season; for a man of his size and his age to put on that kind of a show is unheard of. His two sacks weren’t huge swings in momentum, but they ended up playing a very important role in the remainder of the game. While the Lions defense wasn’t giving Dolphins running back Frank Gore much room to operate, Gore was doing what he does best: making the most out of nothing. Coming off a stellar performance against the Bears, it was key that the Lions shut him down. Francois’ sacks aided in that tremendously, as it stalled the Dolphins on the early drives and allowed the Lions to jump out to a quick lead. With the Dolphins playing from down multiple scores as soon as the first quarter http://www.lionscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-legarrette-blount-jersey , the ball was in the hands of questionable decision-maker Brock Osweiler much more frequently than it was Frank Gore for the rest of the game.Lions notes: Frank Ragnow’s pass protection is back on track Two weeks into the season, the Detroit Lions first-round draft pick Frank Ragnow didn’t look like himself. The man who didn’t give up a single sack in his entire college career was getting turnstyled by defensive tackle after defensive tackle. His pass protection, which was largely considered his best asset, looked like it needed serious adjustment at the professional level, and I even saw some commenters suggest the draft pick was “indefensible.”Flash forward to two weeks later, and Ragnow seems to have ironed all of his problems out. Not only is he popping off in terms of his run blocking, but he’s improved phenomenally as a pass blocker—to a point where he’s had a completely clean rap sheet over the past two weeks: That’s really good news considering T.J. Lang may be out for some time after suffering a concussion in Sunday’s game. The last thing the Lions need is two leaky holes on the offensive front.If you want to know how Ragnow righted the ship, Andrew Kato had a great article on it from last week. Josh Cohen of The Athletic has an outstanding breakdown of how the Lions’ run defense got worked by Ezekiel Elliott Cheap Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , as well as some other defensive troubles vs. Dallas. Highly recommended read if you have an Athletic subscription. For no reason, let’s check in on Ndamukong Suh and... OH NO, TURN AWAY: This is sure to make a lot of people mad—calling Jared Goff “the best QB I’ve ever had”—but, whatever, he’s supporting the quarterback he’s got. The Lions have an open roster spot after they released cornerback Dee Virgin on Tuesday. Virgin who was the player that just missed out on pinning the Cowboys deep in their own zone after just barely touching the goal line in punt coverage.Not a lot of NFL passers have seen the statistical success against the Packers that Matthew Stafford has: Bleacher Report gave the Lions a C- grade for their Week 4 performance against the Cowboys.
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